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Bradly T. says: I've had a lot of coaches before Terry. I learned and made more progress in the first 15 minutes than I had made with any of the other coaches throughout our entirety. Not only is he a great teacher, he's an amazing singer that will show you how it's done through demonstration. That is the most important factor of his teaching to me personally. He's very underpriced for his experience and prestige. I will continue to work with him for the duration of my musical career
Eleanor W. says: After not having singing lessons in 12 years, I had little hope of jumping in to the new Chorus rehearsals with any competence, so I began lessons with Terry. My first half-hour lesson was amazing. Terry is dynamic, patient, an excellent teacher, and just generally a delightful person to be around. By the end of the lesson I had regained my confidence and joy in singing. I'm beyond thrilled! I can hardly wait to work more with Terry.
Brian C. says: Terry's passion for music is as present in his teachings as it is in his performances. He has a way of teaching by example that's pretty incredible. I was very inspired by the session! I felt very comfortable and relaxed, yet engaged. Within minutes, he had identified where I needed work and was able to explain it in a way that made sense to and I was able to quickly course correct. I can't wait for my next session. Brian. "Brian Coutch Music".
Charles Z. says: I am so glad I just signed up for one class to give it a try. I was nervous, but that was what I wanted help with. I just went for it. Terry made it fun AND he rocked my world, never let my fear or small view of myself, or old habits, hold me back. I learned more in one lesson, about my natural ability to sing, about what is holding me back from fully expressing myself, about what to do to support myself, more useable education and fun in one hour than I have had in over a year of working with a prior vocal coach. I deserve this, do yourself a favor and give it a try. He knows his stuff and is inspiring to be with.

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